About Us


We’re Michael & Chris, the two faces behind Feature Avenue.

We began as two friends following unorthodox paths into the design and marketing world's, Feature Avenue is the consultancy we created which sits unconventionally at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Born digitally we seeked to change what the standard agency and consultancy looked like. Our goal from day one has been to help our clients create better, faster and more. 

At the beginning of our journey we launched with the full spectrum of end to end services for our clients, from content production to paid ads to strategy and to web design. After our first year in business we stumbled across design thinking and sprints which showed us the power of workshops.

After a further year of constant trialling and iterating we transitioned to a highly specialised style of digital consulting and custom workshops. It’s a transition which has allowed us to add immense value to our clients, by producing actionable strategies, tangible results and significantly reducing project timelines from months to just weeks or days.

Workshops haveworked for us too.

The work has become more inspiring and enjoyable, it removed any unproductive busy work on projects and allowed us to create more for both our clients and ourselves.  

Just some of the beliefs which shape us:

  • To help companies cut through the noise and get more meaningful and valuable work done. We crave progress, never settling for the status quo.

  • We're frustrated by the standard agency-client model. Seeking to remove unproductive busy work.

  • We want to arm businesses with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to leverage the new digital economy. To become better creators and act as their own media entity.

  • To make work for humans, not consumers. Our philosophy is Acts > Ads, people don’t need to be shown more ads. But they do want to be moved, inspired and informed.